Book Update: Version 1.4!

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Version 1.4 now available! This update to the First Edition of .htaccess made easy includes many improvements, including fixed typos, updated code, revised content, and new material. Here is a summary of changes:

  • Fixed numerous typos and other errata
  • Updated numerous .htaccess techniques
  • Revised some old and outdated content
  • Added new material and links
  • Created a standalone PDF of Character Definitions
  • General maintenance and cleanup

In addition to the book update, the website received a nice update and general code cleanup. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, aimed at improving functionality and usability for visitors and members.

This update includes over 100 improvements and enhancements to the book and site, making .htaccess made easy more focused and accurate than ever. Plus, this is a FREE update for anyone who owns the book. So if that sounds like you, log in to the Member’s Area to grab the latest version.

To see a working list of changes to the book and template files, visit the ChangeLog.

Special thanks to Markus Wagner for his generous help with improving the quality and accuracy of both the book and website.