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Redirect anything

From entire sites to specific pages, you'll learn how to redirect virtually anything on your server to anywhere on the Web. An entire chapter is devoted to the art of redirecting stuff, making it easy to control site traffic in any situation.

Configure and fine-tune

Take advantage of .htaccess with essential techniques to configure key aspects of site functionality, with fine-grained control over everything. Learn how to set default server variables, enable specific modules, customize options and much more.

Optimize performance

Even without access to Apache’s main configuration file, .htaccess makes it easy to optimize the performance of your website. .htaccess made easy goes in-depth with powerful techniques such as file-compression, cache-control, and cookie-free domains.

Improve site security

The cornerstone of the book, an extensive chapter explains how to improve the security of your site with .htaccess. Add layers of security to your site by controlling directory access, blocking proxy servers, building strong firewalls, whitelisting access, and so much more.

Enhance SEO and usability

Learn how to optimize SEO by controlling traffic on the server, such as setting canonical URLs, fixing 404 errors, and cleaning up malicious links. The book also covers some choice techniques for enhancing the usability, such as custom error-pages, browser-specific content, and directory-views.

.htaccess made easy brings together many awesome techniques and explains them in a way that makes sense.” - More testimonials

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