Scratch-n-Dent Book Sale

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Save BIG on less-than-perfect printed copies of .htaccess made easy. The “scratch-n-dent” books are of the same high-quality production and content as the mint-condition books, but received some minor wear and tear during the production/shipping process.

For example, some of the scratch-n-dent books have a few scuffs on the cover, others have slightly crunched corners, blemishes, and/or other cosmetic imperfections. Overall the books are in good condition and work just as well as the shiny mint copies. Perfect for anyone who’s planning on really digging in and using the book.

Visit the store to save 40% on .htaccess made easy “SnD” printed books. If you’re thinking about getting the PDF deal, you can also get a SnD printed book for only $5 more (plus shipping). There’s a limited number of SnD books available, so get yours while supplies last.