Version 1.3 Update

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Version 1.3 now available! This update to the First Edition of .htaccess made easy includes refreshed graphics, revised content, and new material. Here is a summary of changes:

  • Edited pages 98 & 99 with better information (ref)
  • Fixed two typos on page 59 (replaced FilesMatch with IfModule)
  • Fixed typo on page 28 (replaced “this can a be” to “this can be a”)
  • Edited httpd.conf sidebar on page 35 with better information
  • Edited httpd.conf sidebar on page 102 with new information
  • Replaced footer icon on page 37
  • Edited httpd.conf menu in Table of Contents
  • Refreshed footer design, nudged security graphics
  • Added barcode to back cover

These changes were made after receiving proof copies of the print version of the book, which will soon be on the way, hopefully in time for the holidays. I’ll post with more details on the printed books once they’re available. In the meantime, you can grab the latest version of the book in the Member’s Area.

To see a working list of changes to the book and template files, visit the ChangeLog.