Version 1.2 Update

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Version 1.2 now available! This update to the First Edition of .htaccess made easy includes the following (mostly cosmetic) changes:

  • Corrected a typo on page 62 (added slash to the rewrite rule)
  • Corrected misplaced backslash on page 44 (ref)
  • Updated text, link, and code colors in the footer
  • Removed the light-grey dots next to each code example
  • Revamped sidebar, footer, and header graphics
  • Refreshed back cover info and graphics

Most of this is fine-tuning to get the book ready to print. Will post more information about the printed books within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can grab the latest version in the Member’s Area.

To see a working list of changes to the book and template files, visit the ChangeLog.