Forum Topic: Someone keeps messing with my .htccess file. Who could it be?

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So I am working away building this great .htaccess file in the root of my site that runs WordPress and I save and return only to discover that it has been modified after I have returned to work on it.

Most of my additions are not touched except for one area and this is the following:

# For security reasons, Option all cannot be overridden.
#Options All -Indexes
Options ExecCGI Includes IncludesNOEXEC SymLinksIfOwnerMatch -Indexes

I am trying to disable directory views by setting Options All -Indexes

I created a trouble ticket with my provider and they deny any involvement. So if it is not them, who could it be? Is it WordPress? Is it the http.conf file? Some security template?

Any thoughts?

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Posted by Jeff Starr

It’s probably not the host.. I’ve seen the exact same message on a number of different sites.. I’m thinking that Apache is involved somehow but don’t want to say for sure until further testing.. What I think might be happening is that when Option All is disabled in the main config file, Apache (or something on the server) comments out the offending line and precedes it with the explanation.

Posted by Dave Adams •

Thanks for the comment. I should mention that it is happening on a shared hosting environment. Perhaps on a dedicated VPS it could be different.

If you ever find out the answer in your travels, I would love to know but until then, I am forced to leave it as is.