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Hey Jeff!

I am hoping to replace a legacy website composed of hundreds of HTML files, with a WordPress installation. Right now the existing HTML files are not movable due to the number of links there are receiving from 15 years of existing. I want to install the new site into a subdirectory, but have the website rewrite any calls to the base directory to the subdirectory.

More specifically, currently the website is located at The is linked to the public_html/ base folder. Any directorys within the public_html folder is reflected in the URL link (ie. public_html/folder/file.tye = After installing the new website, I need the files that are linked to continue holding their file paths.

I plan on installing this new WordPress installation in the public_html/wp/ folder. I would like the public_html/wp/ folder to reflect the How would I do this in a way that the old links are not disrupted (as long as there are no overlapping URLS)?

Thank you!

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Posted by Jeff Starr

As long as there are no overlapping URLs, WordPress’ built-in canonicalization will enable you to use as the WP/site root (instead of using the install directory at /wp/). In the WP Admin, visit Settings > General, and specify the “WordPress Address” (i.e., the one that includes /wp/), and then also the “Site Address” (i.e., the root domain). Once that’s done, WP will handle all of the rewriting automatically.