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I saw an .htaccess with RewriteEngine On a little on top then after a few lines/directives I see it again so in this particualr .htaccess RewriteEngine On is written twice. I wonder why it was done like that if its written on top why do you have to rewrite it again?

Another question is about the .htaccess ebook I just bought from you guys it says: certain servers may not have mod_rewrite? enabled by default so if its not enabled this directive can be added:

RewriteEngine On

If its already enabled in my server, I mean the mod_rewrite and I still placed the directive above (RewriteEngine On)on my .htaccess will it create a problem?

Thanks for the support and help in advance.

By the way your book is so cool I haven’t finish it I’m just on the first few chapters, but I really love it. I have been looking for your book/ebook for a very long time, now I’m glad I found it.

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Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi Don,

Great question, and fortunately it’s totally fine to include multiple Rewrite On directives. Apache is smart and will simply ignore any repeat instances once the module is activated.

I’m glad you like the book!