Is this book for you?

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Excerpt from section 1.1 of the book:

.htaccess made easy is for admins, designers, and developers out there in the trenches, busy making awesome sites every day. It’s your one-stop, go-to guide for all things .htaccess. With over 100 handpicked recipes ranging from the practical to the extraordinary, this book brings it all together and delivers the best techniques with more signal and less noise.

.htaccess made easy is written for people who work with Apache-powered websites and want to make best use of .htaccess for stuff like redirecting traffic, optimizing for search engines, improving usability, and securing their sites against malicious scripts. Whether you’re just getting started with web-design or have tons of coding experience, .htaccess made easy equips you with awesome techniques explained in clear, concise language.

Check out the Demo PDF/eBook (Table of Contents and Chapter 3)