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I was very surprised by the result of the password protection of the wp-admin folder. So many requests which need some ajax and js scripts are blocked. When I remove the htaccess file everything is going on.

It is a normal situation ? Should I allow access to these scripts and protect the admin folder ?

Thanks very much

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Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi Antoine,

Protecting the wp-admin is a way to add another layer of security to your site, but it’s not necessary to do so. Especially if you’re using a lot of Ajax-type plugins and other admin-related functionality, trying to protect the wp-admin directory will only be a hassle. If you can tell which scripts/URLs need access, then yes, it’s possible to explicitly allow those while blocking everything else. If it helps, I don’t bother protecting wp-admin on any of my own sites :)



Posted by Vailwen •

Hi Jeff,

Thanks very much for your response.

My site runs fine without the wp-admin protection, so I will follow your advice :)

Best regards