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Open thread for saying “hi”, introducing yourself, and letting people know about new projects and sites that you’ve got going. Bonus points for sites using .htaccess techniques from the book or forum examples. I’ll kick it off..

Hi my name is Jeff and I heart .htaccess. I use many of the .htaccess techniques from the book at my site, Perishable Press, where I’ve been sharing .htaccess tips and tricks since 2005 and having a blast.

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Posted by August Klotz •

August Klotz, book publisher and technical consultant. I like watching Kung Fu Panda and wearing my Snuggie.

Posted by 0racle •

Getting back into web design after several years working as a copy writer for big business. Bought .htaccess made easy to round out my collection of coding books, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and others. Looking forward to soaking it all in!

Posted by eet

Independent creative consultant and graphic designer. Web dilettante who relies heavily on books, such as .htaccess, to bring my information and work to life on the Internets.


Posted by Smith

I am online. That’s all you need to know.

Posted by Prashant Karandikar •

Hi, my name is Prashant, been dabbling with things online since 1997. Looking forward to getting most from this book.

Posted by Elizabeth

This going to be good! I am so happy to sign up!

Jeff Star your site is a light on the internet.

I am not a designer, a web developer or any of those grand things. I code a little, do Photoshop a little and want to protect my site from hackers/spammers and streamline its delivery while minimizing the amount of plugins I need to use!!

I am learning WP, have your other book and look forward to learning more.

Cheers, Liz

Posted by Alex Bouma •

I’m student and entrepreneur building a social learning environment for schools (“Electronic Learning Environment”) called Simulise.

I think this book is going to help me build a better and more secure application so thank you very much! I only read a few pages but I think I saw enough to say that.

Posted by ryan gelverio •

i do mostly front-end html/css/seo who aspires to better my skills. i think this is a great book, a must-have for every web dev/webmasters who manages websites. didn’t even think twice about getting this, its worth it!

btw, im also a fan of perishable press.

thanks and more power!


Posted by Dave Austin •

Hi, I am Dave from Stamford in the UK, along with my wife we run a small web development company. My wife is the WordPress guru and I end up with all the techie problems she discovers, so this book will be a life saver.

Especially interested in the security that can be achieved using .htacess.

This will sit alongside Digging into WordPress on my virtual bookshelf.



Posted by jerome amos

Hello All, I’m Jerome from Bayport, NY and I’m a New Media Engineer and instructor of several web development class at two different colleges. This is a subject that I have yet to dig deeply into so, I thank you for it.

Posted by Ray Gulick

Ray Gulick, web designer/developer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Specialize in enhancing WordPress CMS capabilities for businesses and professional organizations.

Posted by Carmelo Gonzalez •

Hi, I’m Carmelo from Madrid and I’m a begginer in the web development world. I’m working in my first blog project and very interested about security. I have used some of the tricks or solutions included in the book. It’s a very usefull book and I found it through


Posted by Dieter Welzel

Hi, I?m Dieter from Siegburg in Germany and I?m a civil servant, a DAU and typically learned building websites with WordPress using the try and error approach. :-) .htaccess is a closed book for me and I hope to learn with the book and the community here a little bit about the .htaccess file.

Posted by Joseph Shrock

Hi I am Joseph from Kentucky and I love working on small websites, quickbooks and taxes, basically am a freelancer that gets to work from home with my lovely wife Kathy and children, we also raise some puppies and do a little crop farming, loving the Lord Jesus and the life He gives!

Posted by Max •

Howdy! I’m Max and I’m into WPMS and contributing to a vast & fast web!

I came into web design/development from ‘domaining’ (hold the applause please) … but not in the traditional sense of the word.

I have never sold a domain for profit. I did trade a set of domains anchored by for a lifetime VPS and support. But that was after I tried building my own nginx stack for WP and three months later realized that I was not cut out for the job. :)

I got into domains as the first step in building an online business.

Then, (’cause I spent my wad on domains) I had to get inventive about building them out on a shoestring budget.

… Two years later and I’m still paying for my domains, and am almost ready to launch a pretty spiffy WordPress Multisite Network to drastically lower the work input required to create, manage and effectively use WordPress for a large number of domains. I plan to open a local webdesign agency to offer access to my platform to small businesses & community benefit orgs. (don’t worry, I’ve got the domains for it)

I use the Genesis Framework, and the amazing products of CobaltApps (Genesis Extender & Dynamik Web Builder).

I use several WPMUDev products, including Domain Mapping and Multi-DB.

I also use the .htaccess based WordPress security plugin BulletProof Security Pro.

For the most part, I use only premium solutions which come with a team of awesome experts to stand behind them.

Nevertheless, htaccess expertise (specifically with Rewrites) is clearly something I need and I’m super excited to read this book twenty times already.

I’ve spent alot of time on and other resources but really need a comprehensive and integrated resource like this.

Cheers! Looking forwards also to the forums… aloha all!

Kind Regards,

Posted by Leon Fernandez •

Hi, I’m Leon, born in the states but been in Costa Rica since I was 11, just enjoying to learn new things, nice site.