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I’m not a tech (graphical designer) and french :)

I do have a wordpress install in a subdirectory as such (and another one at the root level):

All my pages are called through this URL:


What if I need a URL page without /wp-second-install/ but rather knowing there is already another WP intall at the roof level.

Is it possible through HTaccess?

Thanks for you help!

Best regards,


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Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi Mohammed,

Yes it should be possible, but first I should recommend just adding the name-of-page to the root WP install.. that would be the easiest solution.

Posted by Mohammed •

Hi Jeff,

What do you mean by adding name-of-page to the root WP install please?

Can you please post the code of the rewriting? I have ne clue on how to implement it.



Posted by Jeff Starr

I don’t know how the code would work, but you can add pages to either WP install, just visit Pages > Add New.