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I can’t protect the wp-admin folder with a password. I’m using the method exactly as described in page 114 but I get a page error message “This web page has a redirectioning loop” after I introduce the Admin user and pw for the WordPress Dashboard. I suppose that after that I should be prompted for the folder user name and password but I get the page error mentioned before.

I have revised in detail the sintax and the process, even I have tested the process on the root directory and it works fine but not when I make it on the .htaccess on the wp-admin folder.

What can be the problem ?

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Posted by Carmelo Gonzalez •


I still trayibg to sole this problem but I can’t finf the solution and I begin to think that the problem is related with others things too.

I have made other test, this time not securing by password but filterig by IP but the result is exactly the same problem as mentioned in my previous post.

I would appreciate so mucho if someonr could help me.

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Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi Carmelo,

Setting up password protection can be tricky business, and is difficult to troubleshoot without going in and looking at things on the server. I would be happy to jump in and take a look if you would like, just send access infos to me via my contact form: