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Recently it become apparent that I need to redirect to www when user input wwww, ww and w by mistake. I am sure i should be able to do the with .htacess but not having much luck.

Because of the way my server is set up everytime someone uses a wrong combination of the w’s they get redirected to the first site in my domains folder which houses all my sites.

So for example if I have two domain in the domains folder, and and the user enters they arrive at, I want them to arrive at

Am I right in think I can do this with .htaccess, the server is ubuntu linux

If this can be dne could you give me an example please



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Posted by Jeff Starr

Yes as long as .htaccess is enabled on the server, it should work fine. Please see chapter 5.1 in the book for www and no-www techniques.

Posted by Dave Austin •

Thanks Jeff I will take a look at this in the book