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My customer added an SSL Certificate to the site and I used the htaccess file to convert all 301 Redirects and any visitor to https. Because of a conflict with a linked path from another vendor, I have to change all that. Now we are securing only a certain section of the site where we are adding customized templates that will not include the insecure link.

Hosting Engineers say as long as we keep the SSL Certificate, we can set any part of the site to https.

Please tell me if I have the right idea: To convert the entire site back I’ll run a search and replace on the htaccess file for all https and change it back to http. I’ll add some RewriteCond rules to allow https and set everything to http. And include RedirectMatch for the one path which is using https.

Moving the site to https I changed WordPress settings from http to https. I will change that back I guess? If anyone has experience with this I’d appreciate it.