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Hello and congratulations about your good work.I need to make a very viral question for me that will get me out of a lot of work. I need to mask the /wp-admin directory to all users that try to access this folder and make them see another folder name in place of the /wp-admin, lets say /accounts.

Example: instead of

PS: I don’t want to redirect wp-admin to another folder, just to mask its original folder name.

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

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Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi ioannis, this is very interesting but I don’t think it’s possible using .htaccess alone. It may be possible using a scripting language such as PHP, but I would advise against doing so if at all possible.

May I ask why you are wanting to mask the wp-admin directory?

Posted by ioannis leskas •

The reason is that I am building a website catalog for professionals and I am using Custom Post Types.I made the management system (CPT) through the wp-admin to add-delete-edit the professionals and their custom categories and I also made the View Pages for them.The problem is that I want to allow the users themselves to make that procedure but I don’t want them to see that they are in the wp-admin,so if there is no safe procedure I must find a way to do it in the front-end.I asked that question in this section of the forum because I cannot find a tutorial or a hint on How to Create – Update – Delete Custom Post Types from the front-end.

If you have any advice I would be thankfull