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Hi – do you have any plans for a Kindle version of the book ?

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Posted by Jeff Starr

Yes! But I’ll not be able to get to it for awhile due to current obligations. I plan on making both this book and Digging into WordPress available in multiple formats :)

Posted by Yael Miller •

Which of the pdf versions is the best for converting to .mobi?

Posted by Steve Sinclair

Just for info – I had zero success when I tried that. Admittedly I was using free PDF to .mobi conversion apps. Font size in the converted .mobi was way too small. I tried the different PDF versions. I’d be interested to hear if you have better results.

Posted by Yael Miller •

I can’t remember which pdf version I tried but it wasn’t successful. The font size wasn’t the issue for me instead I had pages interwoven with each other. I used Calibre to convert and Calibre is always hit-or-miss for pdf to mobi.

Steve, what conversion app did you use?

Posted by Steve Sinclair

Sorry for the delay in replying – I thought I was notified when there were follow up posts but I must have forgotten to check that option.

I think it was Calibre ( though I tried quite a few plus some of the online conversion facilities. I had varying success, straight text was OK but usually too small. Mixed text and graphics was usually problematic one way or another.

In the end I gave up and posted the question.