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This may be a very basic question but I could not find an answer in the book or the forums…

When downloading the htaccess zip (I downloaded the WordPress version) I noticed that there are two folder versions available, one as htaccess-wordpress and another as _MACOSX, now I am aware that these are for differing operating systems but when you enter the _MACOSX folder there are more than one htaccess file present ._htaccess-wordpress and ._.htaccess.

I wondered what the purpose of this is? especially as I believe the file would need to be .htaccess on the server. Would this mean you would have to rename upon uploading via FTP to the server?

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Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi Lloyd,

Great question, and actually this is something I need to fix for the next update. Each zipped .htaccess file should contain only one .htaccess file. I work on a Mac and don’t see the hidden files, so I tend to forget that they are created by Mac OSX. I will certainly address this for the next update.

That said, for now please just ignore the _MACOSX stuff and just use the .htaccess file located in the visible htaccess-wordpress folder. That’s the one that contains the actual .htaccess directives.. the other files in the _macosx folder I think just contain a few lines of weird looking code.

I hope this helps!

Posted by Lloyd Spencer •

Perfect, thank you for your help!!