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I’m using this htaccess/php auto-versioning technique:

…for CSS & JS on initial page loads.

It’s a nifty trick and it works well, but when it comes to AJAX’ing, it seems like the only two choices are either…

$.ajaxSetup({ cache: false }); 
$.ajaxSetup({ cache: true });

Stupid. Do you know of a similar auto-versioning trick for content that gets loaded dynamically?

I realize this is probably waaaay outside the scope of supported stuff, but I just had to ask — I really dread asking questions on the elitist-and-chilly stackoverflow.. I’ve often been beaten up there by the V-GERS, i.e., a Star Trek The Motion Picture reference; V-GER was a machine that obsessively scans the universe for anything imperfect (which is all of life) and destroys it, you know, because it isn’t perfect. :)

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Posted by Jeff Starr

Yeh I try to avoid stackexchange and all of those other “big resource” sites. They are equivalent to Wal Mart moving in and putting all of us small guys out of business. Tis the way of the world..

I’m familiar with V-GER, great to hear it referenced here in 2014 :)

For the actual question, sorry I stopped bothering with versioning long ago. In my experience it just never really paid off, so I stopped wasting time and moved on to more rewarding pursuits.

Posted by RememberToForget •

It’s pretty frustrating, yep. :)