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I get 404’s sometimes on wp-admin/admin-ajax.php while this file exists. When I go there directly with using the url that gives the error, I will always get a 0 (or a 1).

Is there anything I can do with htaccess to solve this? Or could it be that the script that emails me the 404’s can’t handle the requests to admin-ajax.php? But most of the time there is no problem…



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Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi Jeroen, interesting.. what is the URL that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t so I can take a closer look.. there may be a way to resolve with .htaccess.

Posted by Jeroen •

Hi Jeff,

These are some examples. Could you remove those links and IP addresses later again? Thanks :)

Someone wanted to go to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php, but it doesn’t exist. Maybe you can have a look and see if anything needs to be fixed.

Posted by Jeff Starr

Hi Jeroen,

That looks normal.. the admin-ajax.php file is not meant to be accessed directly, but rather it’s used by scripts in the WP Admin Area to do fancy Ajax stuff.

The requests you are seeing for the file are most likely coming from automated scripts that are trying to hack your site.

Fortunately, the admin-ajax.php file is secure, but if you want to lock it down, you can do so by creating an .htaccess file in the wp-admin directory and adding the following code:

<Files admin-ajax.php>
	Order Allow,Deny
	Deny from all