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Hi, I want to use the 5G Firewall on a WordPress Multisite installation. As you know, we have only 1 .htaccess file. So, I need to know if it will protect all the sites on the network or I need to make some changes on the code.

Thanks in advance Jeff

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Posted by Jeff Starr

When placed in the site’s web-accessible root directory, the 5G Blacklist (and other directives) should cover every request across the entire domain. Exceptions would include other .htaccess files in subdirectories that may override root .htaccess directives, and/or configuring MultiSite to use unique domains (which is not the typical setup). I recommend testing a few blocked strings on various sites in the MS install to verify expected functionality. Let me know how it goes.

Posted by Denis Antunez •

Ok, thanks for your answer. I’ll let you know if everything works ok.

Have a nice day