Almost There

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The site is 99% complete and it’s now time to return to book production and finish things up. Once the book is ready (also 99% complete), it’s time to tie it all together and do some final testing. So far everything is on track for early September launch. I actually started working on the project on June 6th and should launch by September 6th, according to plan. And that’s basically how I spent most of my Summer this year:

  • June — writing the book
  • July — developing, designing the site
  • August — testing the site, reviewing and updating the book

As mentioned, a lot of work was required to get all of the different components of the site working together and running smooth. I wanted it all under one roof, and almost got there if it weren’t for Yourls, which is great but somewhat inflexible when it comes to integrating with other scripts. So rather than one login and database for the site, I’ve got two: one for WordPress and one for Yourls. It’s nice to have most everything managed under one roof, so to speak.

So it’s now August 26th and I’m getting excited about the imminent launch of my new book, .htaccess made easy!