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Single-User License

After purchasing the book, you are free to create/use multiple copies of the book on different devices, but only for yourself (i.e., single-user license). Each digital copy of the book contains a unique security key and is identified with your purchase information (name, email, et al).

Forum Rules

Your purchase gives you free lifetime access to the .htaccess Help Forums. When posting questions and responses in the forums, please use common courtesy, avoiding things like profanity, rude or offensive language, slurs, threats, etc. The forums are there to provide help, so if you need to vent about something, please choose another venue.

Users who refuse to abide by these simple rules will be banned temporarily, like a timeout. I also reserve the right to edit or delete topics and replies for any reason, which usually is for formatting purposes and to keep things legible.

Getting Help

When using the forums to receive or provide help, please use clear language so that others may understand what you’re saying. If you’re including code, please wrap it with <code> tags. Linking to other sites is allowed if relevant to the discussion.

In the forums, I try to use my experience with and knowledge of .htaccess to try and help people with their questions and issues. I’ve been designing and developing websites for over 10 years now, and almost all of it has been on Apache servers. I enjoy helping people with .htaccess, but there’s no guarantee that I (or anyone else in the forums) will be able to provide a solution to every question. We’ll do our best though :)

With regards to the book itself, billing, invoices, and so on, contact me at and I’ll do whatever it takes to make things good.


A working list of changes to the book and template files is available in the ChangeLog.

Book Feedback and Errata

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information in the book, but mistakes happen. If you find an error or something that could be improved, please contact me using the email-address provided below.


Please address any questions to

About the Author

[ Jeff Starr ] Jeff Starr has been designing and developing sites on Apache servers for over 10 years, sharing hundreds of .htaccess tips and tricks at Perishable Press and elsewhere. He enjoys writing about all aspects of web design and development, with WordPress and Web Security among his favorite pursuits. Together with Chris Coyier, Jeff co-authors the book and site, Digging into WordPress. He is also the author of a new book called The Tao of WordPress, a complete guide for users, admins, and everyone.

As if all that weren’t enough, Jeff also runs his own web-design business, Monzilla Media, and develops WordPress plugins and themes. Follow Jeff on Twitter, get in touch, or learn more »